Burke secures town park playground improvements

At a recent meeting of Mullingar Municipal District, a question tabled by Fine Gael’s Cllr Peter Burke asked if Mullingar Municipal District will be in a position to carry out safety works, as well as an upgrade of both playgrounds in the Mullingar Town Park. Speaking in the last few days on this issue, the upcoming General Election candidate stressed how important it is that local parents are not forced to bring children to other locations due to a lack of suitable playground and recreational activities available in the Mullingar.

He remarked: “I think, in fact I know, Mullingar Town Park is a fine product. But it will reach new heights if more people are attracted to it because of the leisure and recreational benefits it can bring. The good news is that rubber paving has recently been laid at the older playground and new fencing has been erected at the large play area. I am happy with that because I think the potential for accidents on tarmac is too big and any funds set aside for rubber paving is, in my opinion, money well spent.”

He went on: “With the public swimming pool and Mullingar Tennis Club in such close proximity, all parents have a chance to spend an hour or more in the town park while dropping off or collecting kids and we owe it to them to have quality amenity areas available all year round. I commend the work Westmeath Co Co have been doing in maintaining the grass areas and public walkways and hopefully any further available finance in 2016 will be directed towards maintaining these standards.”

Burke concluded: “There are three separate entrances to our town park. All play an important role in allowing the public to have adequate access to the facilities in question. I will be asking for funding to be ring fenced in 2016 for further upgrades of both playgrounds in the town park to include new features. I have met with a number of parents over recent weeks and they have stressed the need for further improvements. The challenge now is to maintain the current standards of litter management and keep reviewing the quality of our facilities and the level of safety we provide. That’s an achievable target for us all.”