A Midlands Brexit meeting is being held Thursday evening January 19th in the Mullingar Park Hotel at 8:30pm in order to assess concerns on the ground in relation to Brexit, and to outline current plans in place to tackle the risks for Ireland.

The public meeting, which is being facilitated by Fine Gael and co-hosted by Deputy Peter Burke and Senator Gabrielle McFadden, will feature key national speakers from various sectors who will inform people from the Midlands what can be expected when Britain leaves the EU. They will also answer questions from the floor as part of a Q&A session.

Deputy Peter Burke has said that along with the top table, which will be made up of Minister Leo Varadkar, President of the IFA Joe Healy, Director of the Small Firms Association Patricia Callan, Arnold Dillon, Head of Brexit Response at IBEC and Brian Keegan, Head of Tax at Chartered Accountants Ireland, there will be very strong side panels of national and regional organisation heads:

“Because Brexit will affect so many sectors, we have organised for a wide range of organisations to be represented on the night and we have got a very positive response from groups, all who have real concerns regarding Brexit. The President of the Irish Hotel Federation, the CEO of the Vintners Federation and the President of the Restaurants Association will all be in attendance and will step in to answer specific questions when they are raised. Along with this, we have the Director of Sales from Goff’s International and the CEO of the Irish Exporters Association along with national representatives from Insurance Ireland, Longford and Westmeath IFA Chairs, the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and the Midlands Gateway Chamber and Mullingar Chamber among others”.

Burke went on to outline how he feels that the impact of Brexit may be underestimated by the public and politicians, and it is important for people to engage with how Brexit will affect them, their households, their budgets and life in general here when the UK is no longer part of the EU:

“A lot of people aren’t engaged with the developments around Brexit, which is easy to understand as the messages we seem to be getting in the media are often both complicated and contrasting. Every person in this State will feel the effects of Brexit, and of course there also will be opportunities to seize. This meeting aims not only to inform people of developments, but to let organisations and key stakeholders know what our priorities are here in the midlands before negotiations and policy planning begins”.

The meeting begins at 8:30pm on Thursday and guests will have the opportunity to register so that a report compiled on foot of the meeting can be distributed to them. If people cannot attend or have questions in advance, please email to midlandsbrexit.ie. This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend.