Minister Peter Burke this morning has announced that a total of €45,334 government funding will be shared between two Mullingar Charities – Temporary Emergency Accommodation Mullingar (TEAM) and Good2Talk.  TEAM has been allocated €33,897 in order to continue to provide key services for women and children experiencing homelessness, and Good2Talk is the beneficiary of €11,437 for their counselling and therapy services.

Minister Burke welcomed the funding, saying that he is glad to see government support for these vital community services:

“This funding has been allocated by Ministers Humphreys, in conjunction with Minister O’Gorman as part of the second tranche of COVID-19 Stability Funding.  This is a €4.1 million support package to benefit 101 organisations and the funding is aimed at providing immediate assistance to community and voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises.  The money will come as cash injections for organisations that provide critical services to those most vulnerable in society.  I am glad to note that this stability funding is being released quickly with further tranches to be announced in the coming weeks and months.

“The COVID Stability Fund was introduced by the last Government in order to provide money to charities who provide frontline services but whose capacity to fund raise and collect money has been curtailed by COVID 19.  We have seen many such events cancelled in the last number of months and this has had disastrous effects on many charities, who rely on the goodwill of the community to continue to provide these vital services in our community.

“Both TEAM and Good2Talk are pillars of the Mullingar and North Westmeath community and have seen their ability to fundraise disappear overnight with COVID.  I hope this money will ease pressure and allow both charities to continue to operate in the coming months as things return to something like normal.

“The Mullingar community owe a debt of gratitude to these organisations, who have helped many of our people in tough times and I am glad that Minister Humphreys has selected these two charities to support in this further tranche of funding.  Earlier in the year, Midlands Simon, The 1428 Retirement Club, Killucan Area Services, Mullingar Homecare and other very worthy charities were supported.

“These two charities are very deserving beneficiaries and I continue to work with both to ensure maximum government investment can be provided to ensure continuation of service and support”.