• Retrofit of homes including some properties in Cois na hAbhainn, Ballinalee, Matthews Park, Ballymahon, The Hollows, Longford Town and the Athlone Road, Longford Town in order to make them warmer, healthier and more comfortable. Homes will emit less carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Works to be funded by the Carbon Tax.


The Department for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, as confirmed by Minister Peter Burke, has allocated €3.3 million to Longford County Council for the retrofitting of 150 local authority-owned houses in the county. The retrofitting of homes in Ballinalee, Ballymahon and Longford Town will result in warmer, more comfortable homes and benefit householders’ health through improved air quality. After the works, the Building Energy Ratings (BER) of homes will typically have gone from an E- or D- rating to a B2. They will be expected to be substantially cheaper to heat than similar homes heated by oil or gas.


“Longford County Council are progressing well with 100 surveys complete of potential properties to retrofit.  I understand they have communicated with the tenants and are getting very positive reaction.  Current plans will see works commence from October with a number completed by the end of 2020.  The location of the properties has been confirmed by my department and have been welcomed by the community”.


Works will typically involve insulation, upgrades of windows and doors and installation of heat pumps (renewable energy heating systems), as committed to under the Programme for Government. This will help Ireland’s efforts to combat climate change. About 40% of Ireland’s energy-related carbon emissions are from buildings.



Minister Burke welcomed the funding, as promised in the Programme for Government and outlined that this is just the beginning of the retrofit plans and aimed at those who are on lower incomes.  The Government has committed to carry out 500,000 retrofits nationwide by 2030.  Minister Burke stated that this is part of the Just Transition, which includes a commitment from the Government that nobody is left behind as we move to a low-carbon future.  Longford is one of only eight Local Authorities selected nationwide for this retrofit, due to our dependence on fossil fuels in comparison to other parts of the country.