Peter Burke, Minister of State for Planning and Local Government, has urged all those who need assistance with grocery shopping, prescriptions or general supplies, to call the Community Call number in Longford which is 1800 300 122.

Burke, whose remit includes Local Authorities and these phone lines, says that staff are ready to take calls.

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves again in Level 5 with the virus circulating in our community.  I note the numbers in Longford and in the region over the last few days have increased acutely. The advice has come again that those who are medically vulnerable or of an older age could be more susceptible to COVID 19 and should limit their movements where possible.

“We saw how our GAA clubs, how our neighbourhoods and our County Council co-ordinating this came to the aid of many during March and April and I can confirm that this phone line continues to be monitored.  Staff are on standby to fetch shopping, prescriptions or supplies for those who are not comfortable with leaving their house or who have been advised to stay at home by their doctor or the guidelines.

“The advice remains for us all to stay at home, unless for essential purposes, and I know this is extremely difficult.  I’m thinking especially at this time about those who have children or adults with a disability in their households who may not have services available to them or a routine,  those with relatives in nursing homes subject to visitor restrictions, those who may live alone, those who have children who now must be taken care of while trying to work from home and those who have lost their employment due to the restrictions.  Everyone’s circumstances are different, and Level 5 takes a toll on us all.  I would point to people to the new text number 50808, or the HSE website if you need further support for your mental health.

“My office remains fully operational behind closed doors so please email or call 044 9385044 if you need any assistance.  I am hopeful that these restrictions will bring cases down over the coming period and the vaccine will provide the light at the end of the tunnel that we all need”.