Minister Peter Burke and Cllr Andew Duncan this week met with anglers, the Chairman and CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland and the club Chairman and Secretary of the Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association.

The Mullingar TD and group are involved in a campaign to ensure Lough Ennell is included in the list of designated of wild brown trout lakes.  The designation and subsequent bye-law would give statutory status to the policy designation of a small number of distinctive waters and means that the waters concerned will continue to be managed primarily as brown trout waters.

Speaking from Blackhall, Peter Burke said we must ensure our local natural amenities are valued and supported

“Lough Ennell has the some of the largest stocks of wild brown trout in the country, even though it was never professionally stocked. Many trout-spawning streams and nursery areas discharge into Ennell, ensuring self-sufficient stock recruitment  Lough Ennell previously produced Irelands largest ever lake brown trout at 26lbs (11.8 Kg).

“We must invest in the development and maintenance of our natural wild brown trout lakes, and market this fantastic resource to anglers and tourists nationwide.  The designation will form an important part of this, and it is great to see all stakeholders working closely together to ensure a positive outcome for our local angling community.”